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Obesity is the accumulation of excessive fat that exceeds the body’s physical standards. Obesity occurs when calories consumed exceed calories used. Obesity is defined as having a much higher amount of body fat than lean muscle mass. The Body Mass Index (BMI) for being overweight is is 25 to 29.9, while the BMI for obesity is 30 or higher.

Today, 34% of Americans over age 20 are considered to be obese, with a BMI equal to or greater than 30 and 25% of adults in New York are obese, as are 21.4% in Connecticut. An estimated 6% of Americans over age 20 are considered to be morbidly obese, raising the risk and probability of one or more obesity-related health conditions that can result in either physical limitations or death.

‘Morbid obesity’ is a severe form of obesity in which the excess weight has such an adverse affect on health that it may shorten life. Being 100 pounds or more over ideal body weight, or having a BMI of 40 or higher, are indicators of morbid obesity.

Health conditions often related to obesity may include:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Arthritis of weight-bearing joints
  • Depression
  • Sleep apnea or other respiratory problems
  • Heartburn
  • Infertility
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Breast and colon cancer

Treating Obesity

Obesity is a complex, multifaceted disease that, despite common misperceptions, is not simply the result of overeating. In many cases, a significant cause of obesity is found to be genetic.

It is important to understand that all current medical interventions to weight-related health—including laparoscopic bariatric surgery—should not be considered medical “cures.” Instead, surgical procedures are tools that attempt to reduce the effects of excessive weight, and the serious physical, emotional, and social consequences of morbid obesity.

There are a variety of bariatric surgical procedures to discuss with your doctor. The NWH Surgical
Weight Loss Program is one of only a few programs offering expertise in all bariatric surgery techniques.

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